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daniela's magic 8 ball

(email query intuitive scan & Spirit reading)

What are Medical & Energy Intuition?

Learn more about them here.



Queries emailed to Daniela's Magic 8 Ball (I actually don't use a magic 8 ball!) are a quick and easy way to get a single question answered.


This method of receiving answers from Daniela and Spirit are ideal for:



  • Asking a short, single question independent of any session that you've had with me (that is, your question can be completely unrelated to anything you've discussed in session with me or you can also submit a question if you haven't yet had a session with me).

Email queries are available to new and regular clients

in Full-Length or Abbreviated form.


Fee for Full Length Email Query:

:: $30.00 CDN per Single Question ::

Fee for Abbreviated Email Query:

:: $5.00 CDN per Single Question ::

Full Length Email Query:

I will provide as much detail as possible to thoroughly and clearly answer your question. I will send the reply via an audio file that you must download. 


The voice recording I will send to you will usually be a 12 to 15 minute answer providing an in-depth response to your query.


If you feel very unclear about the answer I provide, you may email to tell me. I will use my fair discretion to decide if and how I may clarify.


I welcome feedback about whether or not the answer resonates with you and if it is helpful for you.

If your question and/or the answer to it is complex and/or best addressed in a Live Reading, I will notify you. You will then have a choice to:

  • Receive a less thorough answer by email. 


  • Apply your payment for the unanswered question toward a Live Reading session. 

Abbreviated Email Query:

Questions that require only a brief answer (such as "yes" or "no" plus a simple explanation, simple choices among options, and/or direct and simple answers) will be answered via email in 1 to 2 sentences. If further explanation or insight for your question is required, then please submit a Full Length Email Query. 

Please do not use the Email Query service

for urgent or time-sensitive questions.

If you require immediate support, please

contact me to schedule an Exigency (Emergency) session.

Additional Notes:

  1. Queries are limited to 250 characters. 

  2. Please avoid providing excessive detail and/or a back story. If I require any additional information to accurately answer your question, I will notify you.

  3. If you have more than one question, please submit and pay for each individually.

  4. Questions cannot be asked about or for any other person unless the person is your child and/or an adult who is incapacitated and cannot submit an email query for her/himself (for example, an elderly parent or a gravely ill spouse). If you have permission to serve as a surrogate on behalf of another individual, please schedule a Surrogate Live Reading.

  5. The speed with which you receive an answer will be dependent upon my schedule and upon the number of email queries I receive. However, you'll typically receive an answer within 3 business days or sooner if possible.   

If you have any technical difficulties submitting an email query, please contact us.



Submit an Email Query


For more information about Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

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