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energy clearing and rejuvenation

What is Energy Medicine?

How Can I Benefit from an Energy Clearing?

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Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions are particularly effective for clearing blockages caused by chronic stress and suppressed emotions, including karmic energetic imprints from this and previous / parallel life streams.

Throughout the session, I receive intuitive messages and/or perceive visions from reading your energy field. These messages and visions reveal the deeply-seated or unresolved emotions, memories, experiences, relationships, karmic influences, and thought patterns associated with specific energy blocks presenting in your field.


I share these insights with you to deepen your understanding of the root causes of the energetic blocks you're currently growing through. I also give you recommendations for how you can continue to work through these blocks in the time between successive Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation appointments.

I strongly encourage you to record the audio of our session. For more about session recordings, please visit this page.


I offer sessions for:


Individual Adults


Family Members (1 parent / guardian + 1 child  OR  2 siblings)

Children (2 months to 10 years of age)

Youth (11 to 19 years of age)


Energy Clearing for Property (remote) 

Learn more about the different Energy Clearing sessions I offer.

See Session Fees.

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In-Person & Long Distance

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions.


Note: To gain the most benefit from this work, I recommend commitment to a series of regular sessions spaced one to two weeks apart. Committing to regular sessions can help resolve layers of energy blocks more quickly and with more stability.


Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions are also extremely beneficial

for healers such as intuitive, psychic, empath, reiki, massage,

& energy medicine practitioners, etc. 

as well as people who are committed to self exploration or

who are experiencing a spiritual awakening

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Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session Fees


:: Single Transmission ~ $120.00 CDN ::

45 minute session

For more information about Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

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