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sessions for animals

What are Medical & Energy Intuition?

Learn more about them here.



For your beloved animal friends, I offer Medical & Energy Intuitive Readings as well as Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions.


For a Medical & Energy Intuitive Reading, I will psychically scan and "read" your animal friend's energy field to provide you with insights about her/his physical and emotional health. I will also explore how your animal friend is affected by:


  • her/his diet

  • her/his daily routine, or lack there of 

  • the relationship with her/his human caregivers (you and your family)

  • interactions and relationships with other animals

  • the environment s/he lives in

  • any significant events such as traumas that may be affecting behaviour and/or overall health

and anything else that may be influencing her/him. I will do the reading remotely and then schedule a 60-minute session with you to discuss the outcome of the reading.

I conduct Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions for animals in the same way I do for humans. You can learn more about these sessions on this page as well as on this page. You'll also find more detailed information in my blog

To prepare your beloved animal friend for an Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation session, please read the recommendations listed here

All sessions for animals are available only via long distance. To conduct a Medical & Energy Intuitive Reading, I will need a photo in addition to your animal friend's name (and, if possible, date of birth—although this isn't essential).

Schedule a Session for Your Beloved Animal Friend


How Qualified Am I to Work With Animals?


I've been in love with all animals (even the ones that aren't fuzzy!) since I was a child. I studied zoology throughout university undergraduate and graduate schools and then I worked as a wildlife conservationist and researcher for many years. I've also worked as an assistant in a few veterinary clinics and as an educator and researcher at the Toronto Zoo.


Throughout my life, I've communicated verbally and telepathically with domestic and wild animals (although I wasn't sure that they always understood me!). It wasn't until I noticed how some captive animals at the zoo responded when I telepathically communicated that I began to consider that perhaps I had learned how to communicate with some animals. When I honoured their Spirit and apologized that they were being kept in captivity, I noticed the behaviour and attentiveness of certain animals shift. More powerfully, I felt a significant shift in their energy field.  


Having been trained as a scientist, I remained aware of possible biases, refrained from anthropomorphizing, and avoided making spurious conclusions. I didn't always perceive a response from animals, but the times that I did were enough to indicate the possibility of telepathic interspecies communication. 


Beyond these experiences with wild animals, I've also learned immensely from my feline friend who is impressively astute, sensitive, and receptive to my telepathic messages.

For more information about Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

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