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terms & conditions of use

By using this website ( and/or by scheduling an appointment with Daniela, you signify your assent to the following Terms & Conditions of Use.


If you do not fully understand and agree to all the following Terms & Conditions of Use, then please contact us directly with any questions or concerns you my have. Do not use this website or schedule an appointment with Daniela unless you are in agreement with all these terms and conditions of use. You will be liable for your decision.

Daniela is legally represented by earth, moon & sun energetics (federally incorporated as Earth, Moon and Sun Herbals, Inc. and herein referred to as emse). emse may revise and update these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time and without notice. Your continued usage of the emse Website (or "the Site") will expressly evidence that you accept those changes.

i. None of the modalities offered are meant to replace the diagnoses, treatments, or prescriptions recommended by a Medical Doctor and/or veterinarian. Only a Medical Doctor and/or veterinarian can diagnose disease. Please consult your doctor and/or veterinarian if you, your child, or your animal friend, respectively, are experiencing a medical emergency and/or suffer from acute or chronic medical conditions. All the modalities offered are intended to complement the professional medical care you, your child, or your animal friend receive from physicians, veterinarians, and/or other health practitioners. 

ii. The sessions offered, events hosted, and information shared by Daniela are not for entertainment purposes only, as is often stated on psychics' websites. Daniela provides you with insights into your life experience, who you are, and how to live healthfully and powerfully. These sessions are intended to deepen your experience, perceptions, and understanding of Self, Others, and Life. 

iii. The contents of the emse Site, such as text, graphics, images, videos, audio, publications, blog articles, media, client testimonials, opinions, and other material contained on the emse Site ("Content") and on all social media accounts officially affiliated with emse are for informational purposes only. The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment including prescription or recommended over.the.counter drugs. Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing a medical emergency and/or suffer from acute or chronic medical conditions. Do not disregard symptoms you are experiencing or delay in seeking the opinion of a licenced medical professional because of any Content presented on the emse Site or on any and all social media accounts officially affiliated with emseemse does not claim any affiliation or agreement with opinions, posts, and comments written on any of its official social media accounts by persons not legally hired by Daniela or emse.

iv. You are responsible for making Daniela aware of any prescription medications and natural herbs or supplements you, your child, or your animal friend are taking and/or any spiritual and energetic practices you engage in regularly. These don't always present when Daniela scans an energy field. You may describe these once you're in session with Daniela. However, please avoid notifying her prior to your appointment with her.

v. The suggestions and recommendations Daniela provides are at your discretion to follow. If you, your child, or your animal friend are under the care of another health care practitioner, are experiencing a serious medical condition, and/or are taking prescription medications, please consult with your doctor prior to starting any new herbal remedies, supplements, energetic practices, exercises, and/or lifestyle changes.

vi. All personal information you submit through this website (including the Client Intake Form, Contact Form, and payment information) and all personal information shared with Danela during scheduled appointments or correspondence outside of scheduled appointments is strictly confidential and will be shared with no other party without your express written consent. Payment information submitted through PayPal and/or Stripe remains protected by the legalities and policies of PayPal, Inc. and/or Stripe, respectively. Credit card information shared with Daniela or any of her hired assistants is used at the point of sale and then immediately destroyed. It is not stored for future transactions. Read the full Privacy Policy here.  

vii. If you choose to schedule an appointment with Daniela for yourself, your child, and/or your animal friend, you are confirming that you have read and agreed to the Payment Policy and the Cancellation Policy

viii. Daniela encourages you to record the audio of your session using your own devices. If you are unable to record your session, you may purchase an audio recording from Daniela. If you prefer to not have your discussion recorded, please tell Daniela at the beginning of your session. The audio recording is confidential and all matters relating to you, your child, or your animal friend will not be shared with any other party without your express written consent. Teachings and general wisdom channeled through Daniela and shared with you in session may be used by Daniela at her discretion.

ix. Unless otherwise noted, all text, blog articles, photographs, graphics,   images, videos, audio, media, and opinions expressed on this site as well as the emse logo and design are the legal copyright of Daniela A. Rambaldini and cannot be used without proper sourcing or express permission by the author / artist. 

x. All insights and knowledge Daniela shares with you in sessions are an expression of Daniela's direct, personal, and unique perceptions, experiences, and integration of Existential Truths accessed through her own enlightenment and embodiment of Superconsciousness / Higher Self. What Daniela shares are not regurgitations of pre-written teachings or of information shared from other persons. It is not appropriate or karmically wise (for your own Soul's experience) to repeat what you receive in session, hear from Daniela's personal or public discussions, or read on any of Daniela's or emse official social media accounts without proper sourcing or express permission by Daniela. The scope of this term and condition of use transcends legal copyright regulations in this planetary matrix. 

If you have any questions or concerns,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.



If you agree to the above listed terms, proceed with scheduling a session

by filling the Client Intake Form.

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