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session recordings

I strongly encourage you to record the audio of our session. If you are unable to do so, you may purchase a recording from me.  Having a sound recording of our session will allow you to pay full attention throughout our discussion without having to concern yourself with taking notes.  


I encourage you to listen to this recording at least once or twice more after we’ve finished our session. You will understand it from a more profound perspective every time and each listen will help you deepen your learning, self awareness, and understanding of your Self and of your life experiences. Most clients have said the audio recording is a powerful tool for continued growth and many clients listen to it repeatedly for weeks or even months after our session together. 

If you purchase the audio recording from me:

I will send you the sound file in .mp3 format via WeTransfer 3 to 5 business days after our session. You'll receive an email that contains a link to download the file. If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.


Please note that there will be an additional charge for every duplicate and/or archived recording requested.

Why are sound recordings not included in the cost of the session?

Sound recordings require much of my personal time to edit, equalize, convert and compress into small transferable file sizes, and upload online. Furthermore, each sound file (particularly large ones) can require a significant amount of internet bandwidth and laptop RAM to transfer (thereby slowing all other processes and work flow).


Over the years, I have spent hundreds of hours of my personal time to prepare and send audio files to clients. It is not an efficient use of my time, especially considering that audio recording technology and apps are now widely available on most smart phones and computer devices.  

Sending duplicate and/or archived sound files require additional time for me to recover and therefore these incur additional fees. 

Why are sound recordings edited?

Different sound recordings require different amounts of editing.


For example, sound recordings of Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions require significant editing because I delete the parts of the recording that are silent, delete my narration (in the case of long distance sessions), and delete any superfluous distracting noises such as clients mounting onto or shifting on the healing table.


For all sound files that require it, I also equalize audio levels and/or normalize noise (both of which are particularly necessary for sessions conducted at events) to make the final sound file easy for you to listen to.


I don't edit or delete any parts of the session discussion itself. 

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