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how to prepare for a session

To ensure you experience the most benefit from our sessions together, please read the following suggestions for how to prepare prior to your appointment. Click the links below to access each section.



Preparing for a Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading

Preparing for an Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session

Additional Preparation for a Long Distance Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Sessions for Children and/or Youth

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Sessions for Animals

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What To Do After A Session

Preparing for a Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading


Prior to a Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading, you don’t have to prepare yourself physically in any way.


For a preceding In-Depth Reading, simply go about your day as usual. On some undisclosed day prior to our appointment, I will tap into your energy field and conduct the scan without your awareness. When we meet for our session, we'll discuss what I perceived and you'll have a chance to ask questions. 


For a Live Reading, simply “show up” to our appointment and remain receptive to the insights you’ll receive. Prior to our session together, you may want to reflect on specific questions you wish to ask. It's usually helpful to prepare a list or at least a guideline of questions you'd like to ask before we have the session. That will help the session flow smoothly. It's usually most helpful to group together questions of similar theme because sometimes the answers you receive from me and/or from Spirit are broad & may therefore answer similar questions before you even ask them.


If you’re interested in simply receiving any general messages Spirit has for you at this time, you may also approach our Live Reading session with no pre.meditated questions.

This is the extent of your preparation prior to our session together. In every other way, simply come as you are.


Schedule a Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading


Read About the Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading Sessions I Offer

Preparing for an Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session

It will be beneficial (although not necessary) for you to follow these suggestions. If you will be receiving a Long Distance Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation session, then it's important you read the notes for how to properly prepare for the session. The more prepared you are for our session, the more profound your experience of it will be and the deeper and more longer lasting the effects of it will remain. Visit this page to learn more about Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions.

1. Have a light or empty stomach prior to receiving an Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation session. The clearing will be most effective if you eat:

  • a light meal 1 to 2 hours prior to your appointment;

  • a heavier meal 3 to 4 hours prior to your appointment; or

  • a light snack 3o minutes prior to your appointment.


2. For at least 2 to 4 hours prior to your session, avoid consuming caffeine and/or refined sugar (especially in great quantities). This is particularly important for those who experience chronic or frequent anxiety, insomnia, irritability, incessant fear-based thought patterns, and/or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  

3. For at least 24 hours prior to your session, avoid consuming alcohol, tobacco cigarettes, hallucinogenic plants, narcotics, or any other powerful mind and body altering substance. If it’s difficult to avoid tobacco cigarettes for a full span of 24 hours, do your best to avoid smoking for 2 or more hours prior to your session.

4. As much as possible, avoid wearing tight clothes or any other garment or accessories—be them socks, jewellery, belts, or other things—that constrict free flow of blood and energy. Remove all items that can influence your vibrational field, including quartz watches, digital watches, phones, and other electronic devices (unless they are medically necessary), etc.

5. If your phone, notepad, laptop, and/or other electronic device remains in the room during the session, please turn it off or keep it on airplane mode (if it has wifi, Bluetooth, or 3G / 4G capabilities) unless it is the device you will be using for a Long Distance session (see below).


6. There is nothing you need to do to emotionally prepare for this session. However, you will receive the most benefit if you remain open to receiving the energy I will channel into you.


The best way to remain receptive is to focus your mind on breathing deeply, pay attention to the sensations in your body, allow your body to respond freely and without restraint, and absolve any expectations or assumptions about how you will feel during or after the session. As much as possible, allow yourself to relax and enjoy the experience and sensations through your body.

Additional Preparation for a Long Distance

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session


For a long distance session, I generally conduct the sessions in one of two ways:


  • I can connect with your energy field and do the clearing while we speak over the phone (I could do it without the phone call too, but the phone call will make it a more personal and interactive experience for you).  


  • I can do the clearing while a laptop, phone, or tablet is poised in the room where you're lying down (with the device camera showing a full view of your body) so that we can have a video facilitated session.


The latter method is what most clients prefer, albeit it's not always logistically feasible. Either way, ensure you have provided your contact information (phone number and online video call i.d.) at least 24 hours prior to our scheduled session.


For both set ups, I suggest a few preparations prior to the session:

1. Ensure you'll be in an area or room that will remain quiet, at a comfortable temperature, and free from distractions for at least 60 to 90 minutes.


2. Prepare a surface—such as a bed, couch, massage table, or floor—upon which you can comfortably lie for 50 or 60 minutes. You may wish to prepare padding to make the surface softer or you may wish to use pillows to support a comfortable posture. Please prepare this surface prior to our session so that there is no time wasted during our appointment.


3. Ensure you'll remain at a comfortable body temperature throughout our session. If the room is cool, put on socks and avoid wearing short sleeved shirts or short pants. To ensure that your extremities and whole body remains warm, you may wish to cover yourself with a light blanket.


4. Ensure that your spine will be supported throughout our session. You may wish to place a thin pillow beneath your neck and/or your knees.

5. To support your relaxation throughout the session, you may wish to softly play soothing music in the background (select only gently, soothing sounds without lyrics—sounds of nature such as water or bird songs are ideal) and/or use eye covers.

6. Set the lighting in the room so that it's bright but not blinding. Avoid dim lighting unless you have scheduled a session to resolve insomnia.


7. Prior to our session start, find a position for your laptop, phone, or tablet to be poised in the room where you're lying down and point the device camera toward you to show a full view of your body.

Please be prepared at the beginning of our session to avoid spending additional time setting up while we're in appointment together. Session times won't be extended to allow for you to prepare and position yourself. 

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Sessions

for Children and/or Youth

Please prepare your child and/or youth in the same ways described above. Additionally, please ensure that:


1. Your child and/or youth is aware of what the session is, what it will entail, and why s/he is receiving it. I will also communicate with your child and/or youth about who I am and what our session together will be, however it's important that your child and/or youth understands the process prior to our session.

2. It's particularly important that your child and/or youth avoids consuming caffeine (such as chocolate or colas), sugar, food additives, and/or processed foods and beverages prior to our session as this will help improve her/his attention span, relaxation, and receptivity as well as ensure s/he will lie as still (not stiff) as possible for the duration of the session. 

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Sessions

for Animals

Please prepare your animal friend in the same ways described above. Additionally, please ensure that:


1. Your animal friend is in a familiar environment and/or with familiar people surrounding her/him throughout the session. This will help her/him feel more at ease and therefore be more deeply receptive to the energy I will channel.

2. Any specific area that is physically injured, sensitive, sore, inflamed, or otherwise compromised is accommodated with special care to ensure your animal friend remains as comfortable as possible throughout our session.

Schedule an Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session


Visit the Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Main Page

Note: To gain the most benefit from this work,

I recommend commitment to a series of regular sessions

spaced one to two weeks apart.

Committing to regular sessions can help resolve

layers of energy blocks more quickly and with more stability.

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions are also extremely beneficial

for healers such as intuitive, psychic, empath, reiki, massage,

& energy medicine practitioners, etc. 

as well as people who are committed to self exploration or

who are experiencing a spiritual awakening.

For more information about

Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings


Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

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