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I offer Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings and Energy Medicine. You'll find more detailed information about each modality by clicking the linked headings below and by exploring my blog


Psychic Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings are ideal if you wish to understand your Self more deeply and learn how to nurture yourself to live healthfully. I offer Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Readings, Live Akashic Records Readings, and preceding In-Depth Readings for adults, youth, children, couples, families, and animals. 

Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Readings are conducted while you're in session with me, either in.person, over the phone, or through an online video call. These sessions can focus on a specific question or set of questions or give you an overview of "where you are" energetically, emotionally, psychologically, & physically along your Life journey. These sessions are suitable for adults, youth, children, couples, and families.

Live Akashic Records Readings are conducted while you're in session with me, either in.person, over the phone, or through an online video call, In these sessions, I psychically "read" and decode your soul's journeys, experiences and memories from "past" / "parallel" lives, Soul nature, Akashic Record, and more. I will also answer existential questions you may have about the nature of reality and beyond. If you have experienced or are experiencing a spiritual awakening and/or are exploring your own spiritual gifts, soul path, and Divine purpose (dharma), then this reading is an ideal session to book. 

In-Depth Readings are presented verbally in "report" format and provide detailed insights. I conduct the reading prior to our session and thus these readings differ from a Live Reading. They are like an "Owner's Manual" to understanding Your Self! These readings are ideal if you're ready to delve very deeply, humbly, and honestly into understanding the Identity you perceive You Are, and learning how you've been experiencing and creating your Life journey. I offer 3 types of In-Depth Readings, among them an Akashic Record reading of your Soul's past / parallel lives.


In-Depth Readings for Children & Youth are designed to support the spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical growth of Spirits living as Earth bodies that are 2 months to 19 years of age. These sessions are just as valuable for the young bodied Spirits themselves as well as for their parents, guardians, and family. 


Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation sessions improve the flow of Life Energy (also called prana, qi, chiki, vital essence, Universal life force, animal magnetism, orgone, etc.) through your system by dissolving stagnant blocks in energy circulation, repatterning cellular information transfer, restructuring the path of nadis / meridians, clearing samskaras that perpetuate karma, and transforming the frequencies of your oscillating quantum soul grid template. This is a remote transmission of high dimensional Source Light and Source Information. I offer sessions for individuals, couples, family members, and animals. I also offer Energy Clearing for Property

Sessions for Animals offer deeper insight to the physical and emotional health of your dearly beloved animal friend. I offer Medical & Energy Intuitive Readings as well as Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation. These sessions are often as powerful for you and your family as they are for your animal friend. When I read your animal friend's energy field, I will perceive how your animal friend is reflecting you, your "true" inner state (beneath whatever veneer of denial or unawareness it may be buried), and your home (i.e., the environment within which your animal friend lives). Just like children, your animal companions honestly reflect YOU.

Email Queries are ideal when you have "just a quick question" for which you're seeking an answer from Spirit. Email Queries can be helpful as adjunct or follow up questions after you've had a Live ReadingIn-Depth Reading, and/or Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation session OR  for asking a short, single question independent of any session that you've had with me (that is, your question can be completely unrelated to anything you've discussed in session with me or you can also submit a question if you haven't yet had a session with me). 

Exigency (Emergency) Sessions are ideal any time you have an urgent need to have a session with me. Exigency sessions are scheduled within 1 to 48 hours of a booking and are suitable for adults, children, youth, or animals. Please note that Exigency Sessions are NOT suitable as a replacement for emergency medical attention. If you or a loved one is experiencing a medical emergency, then please rush to the nearest hospital.


If you have more questions, please see the

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