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Daniela R. A. Rambaldini, MSc, RHN 

(Master of Science Degree & Registered Holistic Nutritionist)


medical & energy intuition


insight from Spirit &

energy medicine

 { soul healing }

Support world peace.

Click here or click the dove (each leads to different webpages) to view a list of verified non-profit organizations to offer your donations for supporting Ukraine.

Thank you for your Love 💖

Do you have questions and are unsure

about which type of session to schedule?


Book a 30 minute Live Reading that can

immediately answer your most urgent questions,

give you fast, deep insights

and reveal a lot more than you may realize!

I will psychically scan and read your energy field, channel messages from Spirit, and provide guidance for how to apply these insights to yourself and your life. Sessio...
Live Reading ~ 30 minutes
30 min

By booking a session with Daniela, 

you are indicating that you have

read and agree to all terms outlined in the:


Terms & Conditions of Use

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and that you are aware of:

How To Prepare for A Session

How To Best Receive During A Session

Session Recordings Policy

What To Do After A Session


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