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gifted time bonus

I'm offering a gift of

5 minutes of additional free session time

to those who are willing and able to

help me minimize costs of operation.


Processing fees for payments made through this website as well as merchant accounts including PayPal and credit card merchants add up and cost a significant amount every year. While I'm grateful that these tools have helped make the scheduling and payment processes easy and fluid, I also seek for ways to lower and minimize these fees.


If you are able to pay me via: 


  • Electronic bank / Interac transfer

  • PayPal Me and select the "send money to a friend" option

  • Cash (for in-person sessions only)​

  • Cryptocurrency

and I don't incur any additional bank or merchant charges, I will share my gratitude and give back to you with a bonus of 5 additional free minutes added to any session of 30 minutes or more (in duration) that you purchase*.


While the dollar value of this gifted bonus time exceeds the fees I pay to merchants, I would rather give to you than to conglomerate corporations that make millions or billions of dollars worth of yearly revenue.  



A minimum session duration of 30 minutes or more is required for this time bonus to be applicable. Therefore, a 30 minute session will ultimately total 35 minutes in duration after the time bonus has been applied.

This bonus offer does not apply to orders for Exigency (Emergency) Sessions, Session Audio Recordings, Herbal Remedies, Homeopathic Remedies, or Programmed Crystals. While I would still appreciate these to be paid for through "fee-free" means, a bonus / gratitude gift cannot be applied to these purchases.

This bonus cannot be retroactively applied to past sessions paid for through "fee-free" means. This bonus comes into effect on March 1st, 2017 and does not apply to any sessions scheduled or paid for prior to this date.

In an order that includes more than one session, the bonus will apply to only 1 (one) of those sessions as chosen by Daniela.

This offer is not transferable. Daniela reserves the right to modify or nullify this bonus at any time if deemed necessary or appropriate.

This offer is not cumulative. That is, you cannot accumulate a series of bonuses to be redeemed simultaneously or individually at a future date of your choice.

For more information about the sessions I offer,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

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