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live channeled messages

What are the Akashic field and Akashic Records?

Learn more about them here.



In a session of Live Channeled Messages, I serve as a channel and conduit of a Spirit Guide (such as a buddha, bodhisattva, or saint) to deliver a message directly to you. My mind / consciousness does not interpret or contribute to this message; it is a pure message from a Divine being living in a higher dimensional field (usually ranging from 4th to 6th dimension, or occasionally from beyond). 

Live Channeled Messages can be scheduled as a stand-alone session or can be added to a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading or Live Akashic Records Reading.

Live Channeled Messages are different from a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading because I do not psychically scan and read your field to then share with you what I perceive and/or am shown. Instead, I simply allow a Spirit Guide to deliver their own direct message to you through me and I remain an empty channel and conduit to serve you.

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If you want a structured and comprehensive exploration of your soul's Akashic Records, then please schedule an In-Depth Akashic Records Reading

If you prefer a reading that focuses on your questions about events and circumstances in this lifetime, then please schedule a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading, In-Depth Insights Into Your Soul Path Reading, and/or In-Depth Mind.Body Scan Reading

I conduct all live readings while you're in session with me, either in person, over the phone, or via an online video call. (I conduct In-Depth Readings remotely on my own before I meet with you to discuss what I've psychically perceived.) You can live anywhere in the world because psychic abilities and delivering channeled messages aren't constrained by space or time. 

These sessions are guided by Spirit and by you—specifically, your intentions, desires, and questions. I am the channel who clarifies the information for you. 

Surrogate readings (which are readings held on behalf of another person) are not available for Live Channeled Messages. Channeled messages will be delivered only for the person with whom I'm in session.

Surrogate readings are available in appropriate circumstances in a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading.

Schedule a Live Channeled Message

Session Fees:


Adults and Youth (10 years and older)

:: $120.00 CDN per half hour ::

I strongly encourage you to record the audio of our session. For more about session recordings, please visit this page.

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Medical Intuition, and How It All Works.

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