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live Akashic Records readings

What are the Akashic field and Akashic Records?

Learn more about them here.



In a Live Akashic Records Reading, I will psychically "read" and decode your soul's journeys, experiences and memories from "past" / "parallel" lives, Soul nature, Akashic Record, and more. I will also answer existential questions you may have about the nature of reality and beyond. I then provide guidance for how to apply the shared wisdom and insights to yourself and your life experience.

If you have experienced or are experiencing a spiritual awakening and/or are exploring your own spiritual gifts, soul path, and Divine purpose (dharma), then this reading is an ideal session to book. I will answer your questions and provide guidance to support your learning, development and success.

Because I attained a high level of samadhi (spiritual enlightenment) at age 3.5 years in this lifetime, I have a unique understanding and perspective about life, reality, the soul's journey, physical life, and what it is to be alive as a human in association with Mother Earth's soul field. 

It is my deep honour to share with you events, memories, wisdom, insights and beyond from the akashic field and Akashic Records. 

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If you want a structured and comprehensive exploration of your soul's Akashic Records, then please schedule an In-Depth Akashic Records Reading

If you prefer a reading that focuses on your questions about events and circumstances in this lifetime, then please schedule a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading, In-Depth Insights Into Your Soul Path Reading, and/or In-Depth Mind.Body Scan Reading

I conduct all live readings while you're in session with me, either in person, over the phone, or via an online video call. (I conduct In-Depth Readings remotely on my own before I meet with you to discuss what I've psychically perceived.) You can live anywhere in the world because psychic abilities aren't constrained by space or time. 

These sessions are guided by Spirit and by you—specifically, your intentions, desires, and questions. I am the channel who clarifies the information for you. 

Surrogate readings (which are readings held on behalf of another person) are not available for Live Akashic Records Readings. The Akashic Records will only be read for the person with whom I'm in session.


An exception to this could be the Child's Soul Nature & Soul Path In-Depth Reading and Youth's Soul Nature & Soul Path, both of which could include insights from the Akashic Records of your child. 

Surrogate readings are available in appropriate circumstances in a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading.

Schedule a Live Akashic Records Reading

Session Fees:


Adults and Youth (10 years and older)

:: $120.00 CDN per half hour ::


*Note: The recommendations I provide in the live reading may include general nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, suggested nutritional supplements, suggested herbal remedies, and/or simple energetic practices.


For an additional fee, you may also request:

  • an organized summary and personal daily schedule for the recommendations we discussed in our live session

  • a personalized healing herbal formula (tea, tincture, or topical remedy) + cost of shipping if applicable

  • detailed personalized nutritional recommendations

  • personalized energetic practices and daily schedule. 

I strongly encourage you to record the audio of our session. For more about session recordings, please visit this page.

Schedule a Live Akashic Records Reading

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Medical Intuition, and How It All Works.

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