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Liquid Lunch


In March 2o15, Daniela was Interviewed by the gracious hosts Hugh Reilly and Hildegard Gmeiner on Liquid Lunch at


In this interview, Daniela discusses how she became a medical intuitive, how she is able to perceive energetic blocks that create health imbalances in other people, and how she helps clients to align their mind, body, and spirit in order to attain holistic health.


Daniela also briefly scans the show hosts to let them know what their major blocks are! When Daniela works with clients, she provides a much more in-depth and detailed Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading.

This is an abbreviated edit of the interview [ duration = 16:27 minutes ].

This is the full interview [ duration = 34:35 minutes ].

ReDefining Reality with Bryan Hardy


Daniela appears on Bryan Hardy's first episode of ReDefining Reality podcast. The episode is titled The Nature of Reality, Energy Work, and Expanded Awareness.


You can read Bryan's description of the conversation on his webpage. Bryan is an amazing, deeply loving natural health and fitness practitioner in his own right. Explore all that he offers at  

Interview with Doug Llewelyn

Daniela was interviewed by Doug Llewelyn, original (and current) host and court reporter for The People's Court reality television series. In this online radio interview, Daniela explains what medical and energy intuition are, what energy "healing" is, and how these modalities can help people come into a deeper awareness of their own self, their life, and their holistic health. (March 31st, 2017)

Interview with Cindy Magnuson

In honour of the Lion's Gate Portal, Daniela is the first guest on this episode of Feminine Frequency Radio with host Cindy Magnuson. The episode covers intuition, medical intuition, the nature of the spiritual path, entities and negative thought forms, reincarnation and life cycles, and more. (August 9th, 2018)

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