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children & youth

(in.depth medical & energy intuitive reading)

What are Medical & Energy Intuition?

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What I read from your child's energy field helps you, the parents or guardians, to understand how to guide and support the spiritual growth, energetic development, & Human experience of your child and of your family as a whole. It can help you understand your child from a different perspective—that is, to perceive your child as an individual Spirit with her/his own life experience and Soul Path. You’ll also become more aware of the lessons you can learn from each other.

I also offer Live Readings for Children & Youth. Click here to learn more.


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In-Depth Readings I offer for Children & Youth:


Child's Soul Nature & Soul Path

designed for Spirits living as Earth bodies

that are 2 months to 10 years of age

Youth's Soul Nature & Soul Path

designed for Spirits living as Earth bodies

that are 11 to 19 years of age

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Medical & Energy Intuition, and How It All Works.



Note: I strongly encourage you to record the audio of our session. For more about session recordings, please visit this page.




For more information about Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings,

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Child's Soul Nature & Soul Path


Suited For: Children at 2 months to 10 years of age

Appointment Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $444.00



When I read the energy field of a child, I perceive:


  • the "karmic" nature of your child's Spirit

  • your child's Soul Path

  • energetic and emotional tendencies, strengths, and/or vulnerabilities

  • physical and energetic well being including innate physical constitution

  • primary innate gifts

  • primary personal challenges

  • spiritual role of your child within your family dynamic

  • valuable spiritual lesson(s) for parents & family to learn from your child

  • "inherent personality traits" resulting from all of the above.



From this reading, you, as a parent or guardian, will learn:


  • innate tendencies that shape how your child may perceive her/his life experience in this incarnation and thus interact with others and make decisions as s/he grows older

  • "past" / "parallel" life experiences that can influence your child's experience in this lifetime

  • the major life lessons that have been "planned" to be learned (or that are most beneficial to learn) in this incarnation (and possibly others) and how you can support your child along her/his journey of Self exploration, Consciousness expansion, and personal creation

  • individual profile of foods and lifestyle that will most support your child’s holistic health and development as well as foods and lifestyle choices that will be less ideal or best avoided

  • health imbalances your child may be prone to (based on her/his innate physical constitution and “spirit nature”) and how to prevent them from manifesting



In these sessions, I communicate primarily with parents and/or guardians. However, I feel it can be helpful to also include children in the sessions as well.




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Youth's Soul Nature & Soul Path


Suited For: Youth at 11 to 19 years of age

Appointment Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $444.00



For a pre-teen or teenage child, I read all that is listed above for a child as well as:


  • how your pre-teen or teenage child is learning, growing, and experiencing this current incarnation

  • specific experiences in this lifetime that have significantly affected (or are still significantly affecting) your pre-teen or teenage child in a beneficial or detrimental way

  • the energetic and emotional (karmic) path your pre-teen or teenage child has been creating and choosing—consciously or unconsciously—and how it could shape her/his future if s/he continues to create and choose in the same ways.


As a parent or guardian, this reading will provide you with deepened clarity about:


  • how to best support your pre-teen or teenage child as s/he is coming into a greater awareness of her/his identity, desires, sense of Self, and self empowerment

  • how to recognize, honour, and support the full expression and embodiment of your pre-teen or teenage child’s unique Spirit Self while s/he is distilling, reflecting upon, and transforming her/his perspectives outside of the teachings and perspectives you’ve shared

  • how to deepen your parent-child relationship into a mutually enriching friendship of Spirit solidarity as your child prepares for embracing greater responsibility and empowerment as an independent Creator of her/his own life experience



For these sessions, communicating directly with the youth is as important as communicating with the parent or guardian.




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