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how to best receive during a session

The best way to remain receptive during our sessions is to breathe deeply, listen, and hold an open space in your mind and heart. As much as possible, maintain a state of receptivity, honesty, humbleness, and gratitude; that is, a state of reverence—for the Existence that Is and the beautiful expression of Multiversal Quintessence that You Are.


This means you receive without judgement, fear, disappointment, regret, anger, guilt, shame, blame, or self-deprecation. All that we will uncover in our sessions together is intended to bring deeper clarity to your experience of Self and to guide you through lessons that, once accepted and learned, will uplift you into a healthier, more self aware, and more empowered way of living in this lifetime and beyond. 

Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings

These sessions—whether for a Live Reading or an In-Depth Reading—will feel much like a regular discussion or conversation between two people except that the subject will be you—the aspects & experiences of you that you’re aware of, those you’re unaware of, and those you wish to uncover and explore. It’s basically a conversation about you examined through a magnifying lens that reveals your blind spots and offers you opportunities for deepening your self awareness and embracing more empowered ways of Being and living.


While I describe what I perceive from your energy field and channel insights from Spirit, you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions and guide the session so that we focus on exploring what you want to know about.


Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Sessions


If you're receiving an Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation session, focus your mind on breathing deeply, pay attention to the sensations in your body, allow your body to respond freely and without restraint, and absolve any expectations or assumptions about how you will feel during or after the session. As much as possible, allow yourself relax and enjoy the experience and sensations through your body.

While you're receiving the Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation, it will be a primarily silent session. If you're receiving it in person, I will avoid speaking to you and encourage you to likewise remain silent. If you're receiving the session through an online video call or a phone call, I will mute my microphone. You will remain lying down.


After the energy has been imparted and directed through your system, I will let you know. We will then take 10 or 20 minutes (depending on the length of session you scheduled and paid for) to discuss the session and/or any other questions you may have. We may have this discussion while you're lying down or you may move into a seated position. I can accommodate whatever is most suitable for you. 



For all sessions, I encourage you to record the audio of our discussion or to purchase the audio I will record. Please read more about session recordings here

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