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in-depth readings

What are Medical & Energy Intuition?

Learn more about them here.



In-Depth Readings are very detailed and I verbally present them to you as a "report" format in a session together. I will conduct a remote psychic scan of your energy field alone (prior to you and I meeting) and then we will have an appointment together to discuss the outcome of the reading. I will also provide recommendations for how you can apply these new profound insights to your daily life in practical, manageable, and enjoyable ways!


The cost of these readings reflect the many hours I spend conducting the reading prior to our session plus the time I spend in session with you to discuss what I perceived from reading your energy field.

Learn more about medical & energy intuition, Spirit readings,

akashic records, and how it all works.



Click below to learn more about the

In-Depth Readings I offer:


Insights Into Your Soul Path

ideal for understanding yourself & life experience

more deeply and from a broader vantage

Mind.Body Scan

to learn about your physical & emotional health 

Akashic Records

for insights into how your Soul's experiences

of "past" and "parallel" lives

affect you now

I also offer In-Depth Readings for Children & Youth.

I strongly encourage you to record the audio of our session. For more about session recordings, please visit this page.

In-Depth Readings cannot be booked through the online scheduling calendar

and instead must be booked via email. In accordance with the emse Payment Policy, all In-Depth Readings must be pre-paid.


To book an In-Depth Reading, click on the "scheduling" link below the description of the reading you want. Once you have paid for the session, you will receive an email of confirmation and possible dates for your session. Please wait 1 to 2 business days for this email as we process your payment.




For more information about Medical & Energy Intuition,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

Insights Into Your Soul Path


Appointment Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $555.00


I explore your:


  • relationship with your Self and with Life

  • general tendencies and energetic compulsions

  • personal habits

  • patterned thoughts and perspectives

  • beliefs—chosen (they all are!) and “programmed” / learned from family, friends, and society

  • ways of interacting with others and the world

  • personal challenges

  • primary fears

  • primary (Soul) life lessons

  • karmic influences (which may include relationships with other Spirits and may sometimes also include influences from “past” / “parallel” lives if relevant)


I reveal to you how these have been shaping your life up to now and how they are influencing the decisions you make.



This reading offers insights to:


  • reveal “blind spots” (aspects of yourself of which you're unaware) of how you perceive and process your life experiences

  • recognize the impact and consequences your patterns have on you and your experience of life

  • deepen your self-awareness

  • shift your current patterns (and therefore alter the course of your life and future!)

  • transform how you live & make choices

  • transform how you experience your Self, Life, others, and the world

  • become more empowered in how you live and create your life experience

  • expand your consciousness for this current incarnation as well as “future” / “parallel” lifetimes across all dimensions of Existence

  • resolve past experiences including trauma while understanding their significance and lessons

  • shape your “future” experiences with more clarity and a truly free will—not one that is mired by programming and unresolved karma

  • vibrantly appreciate the gift that You are, that Life is, and that You are “meant” to share with this stupendous Existence!


Note: This In-Depth Reading does not describe physical or mental health or disease symptoms in detail. If this is what you're interested in, you can schedule a Mind.Body Scan



Schedule an Insights Into Your Soul Path Psychic Reading


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Mind.Body Scan


Appointment Duration: 100 minutes

Cost: $677.00 CDN



In the Mind.Body Scan, I explore your entire field with a focus on the energetic health of:


  • every major organ

  • every organ system including your digestive, endocrine, immune, nervous, and reproductive systems

  • “major” chakras and energy pathways



From this reading, you will gain:


  • a clearer understanding of the health of your entire system

  • an explanation of ambiguous symptoms

  • awareness of important pathologies to address

  • the emotional and physical root causes of local and systemic imbalances

  • the lifestyle choices and life experiences associated with the development of each imbalance

  • recommendations* for how to naturally improve the health of every organ


*Note: The recommendations I provide in the Mind.Body Scan In-Depth Reading may include general nutritional recommendations, lifestyle changes, suggested nutritional supplements, suggested herbal remedies, and/or simple energetic practices.


For an additional fee, you may also request:

  • an organized summary and personal daily schedule for the recommendations we discussed in our live session

  • a personalized healing herbal formula (tea, tincture, or topical remedy) + cost of shipping if applicable

  • detailed personalized nutritional recommendations

  • personalized energetic practices and daily schedule. 



Schedule a Mind.Body Scan Psychic Reading


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Akashic Records


Appointment Duration: 60 minutes

Cost: $555.00 CDN



Although all the readings I offer reveal the information field that is your Akashic Record (learn more about what the Akashic Records are in this blog article), this In-Depth Reading focuses on:


  • providing insights into your Soul's experience of "past" and "parallel" lives

  • contextualizing how "previous" and "concurrent" lifetimes have contributed (actually they are contributing!) experience to the Soul Aspect that is You—a facet of your Higher Self or Superconsciousness

  • elucidating (with almost uncanny accuracy) karmic memory that presents as thought patterns, perspectives, repeating cycles of life experience, and life lessons that you may have never understood the source of and that you may believe are either "just how life is" or "just how you are" 

This reading can help you realize:


  • your natural gifts and the unique ways you can create the life experiences you dream of (your process will be different from that of other Souls because you are a unique expression of The Creator!) 

  • ways you can release and live beyond the karma of "past" / "parallel" lives

  • how to clear the prominence and influence of energetic patterns in your Akashic Records

Please be aware that learning about how your Soul has created its experiences in other lifetimes is not an excuse or escape for justifying the story of your current life. There are more profound benefits to gaining a deeper understanding of your Soul. Read this blog article about Why Explore My Akashic Records?


Schedule an Akashic Records Reading


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Insights Into Your Soul Path
Mind.Body Scan
Akashic Records
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