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what to do after a session

The best thing to do following a session is to reflect. As much as possible:


  • Take pause from your usual routine

  • As best you can, root yourself in the present moment

  • Avoid rushing about immediately after our session—move your body and mind gracefully and with deepened awareness

  • Ease into activity including mental activity

  • Become more mindful of your breath so you maintain a deeper state of clarity, relaxation, and self awareness

  • Hydrate yourself deeply, preferably with water (warm or at room temperature) or unsweetened herbal tea

  • Avoid loud spaces

  • Avoid intense activities or thoughts that lend to internal commotion

  • Avoid stimulants including cacao, coffee, tea (black, green, white, or matcha Camellia sinensis), caffeinated beverages, and herbal teas with strong yang energy

  • Allow yourself to integrate all new insights you've taken in

  • With each conscious breath integrate all new energies infused into your system

  • Allow all feelings to arise and avoid analyzing anything—simply acknowledge what presents

  • Tap into the feeling of gratitude for all that you received

  • Acknowledge yourself for having taken the time to pay attention to your wellbeing and to nourish yourself in a very powerful way

  • Give thanks for your existence, blessings, experiences, lessons, possibilities and opportunities presented and those yet to come, and your personal potential

Feel into what will be most nourishing for you and give yourself what you need. Take as long as you wish. Depending on what you're growing through, you might want to take an hour, an afternoon or evening, or an entire day or more to yourself.


If you truly wish to integrate deeply, avoid communication including texts, phone calls, emails, social media, and extensive conversation. Be present with yourself and facilitate the disintegration of old patterns of being by making new choices to honour your true Self.


Our sessions are intended to provide deeper clarity of the unconscious patterns and compulsions (karma) that have been influencing you and creating your life experiences thus far. As these samskaras are brought to light, you're given the opportunity to learn how to live as your Self in your body vehicle in a more vibrant, joyful, healthy, and conscious way. 

Your choices create your life experience. Your state of clarity and connection with Self and The Creative Force will determine the nature of the choices you make. In every moment, choose with the deepest, clearest awareness possible. 

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