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I love meeting new people, reconnecting with faces I already know & love, and sharing my gifts with communities! Come find me at some of the most magical, most elevating, and most transformative events in Toronto and beyond! Please come say hello or introduce yourself for the first time and see what kind of services I'm offering at each event.


Below is a calendar showing where you can find me. Click on each event for more details or contact me directly to ask questions about any event--past or upcoming.

If you're interested in booking Daniela for one of your events, please email answers [ @ ] energeticsofconsciousness [ dot ] com.


I look forward to connecting with you and enjoying the unique beauty of your Spirit! :)


HerStory: a Women's Day Symposium & Celebration

2020-03-08 HerStory Wombyn's Day Symposi

*WOMEN'S DAY* ... on March 8th we honour the Divine Feminine for all the gifts this force bestows upon us ...

for many generations, certain societies have collectively disrespected, neglected and in many ways also abused the feminine aspects of our dualized existence ...

on #InternationalWomensDay we can reflect on the lessons we learned from generational patterns of mistreatment toward women and bring forth a new way of honouring, integrating, and embodying the feminine essence ...


toronto: join us for a truly expansive and progressive symposium offered by powerful, loving women leaders ...

"The Word of the Wise Woman: HerStory ~ Ancient and Universal. It is the Story of all Women, and the Woman in All!

A Celebration of International Women’s Day with Women’s Stories, Facilitated Discussions, Art and Creative CommUnity Practices!

This space is a co-creative project for all Women to share their Passion, Creativity, Life Lessons... Whatever is on their Heart, we want to Hear it!

Attendance opened to all genders! Children-Friendly event

Hear the Word of Female Elders in our CommUnity! They have a message for you to hear. A message that comes from a Grounded & Deep space in their Heart, from Experience, Failure, trials, and many years of learning how to be True to their Self."


i'm honoured to be offering Intuitive / Psychic Spirit readings throughout the day ... offering Divine loving guidance to women is deeply important to me as i can relate to the archetypes, themes, challenges, & gifts intrinsic to a woman's journey ...

come sit with me and we can witness your Soul's journey through the loving lens of Spirit ... let's transform pain into stepping stones for growth and open your heart to new opportunities, possibilities, and seeds of expansion ...


for more information and to purchase an admission ticket, visit the Alternity website or the facebook event page.

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