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I love meeting new people, reconnecting with faces I already know & love, and sharing my gifts with communities! Come find me at some of the most magical, most elevating, and most transformative events in Toronto and beyond! Please come say hello or introduce yourself for the first time and see what kind of services I'm offering at each event.


Below is a calendar showing where you can find me. Click on each event for more details or contact me directly to ask questions about any event--past or upcoming.

If you're interested in booking Daniela for one of your events, please email answers [ @ ] energeticsofconsciousness [ dot ] com.


I look forward to connecting with you and enjoying the unique beauty of your Spirit! :)


~ Chocolate Groove ~

Sagittarius New Moon Unity Celebration

2018-12-05 Chocolate Groove.jpg

Let us unite our hearts & dance as we connect to the energy of the New Moon in Sagittarius for a "Unity Celebration"! Indulge into a vibrant journey of deep, minimal and groovy sounds led by DeeptasticDJ, Fuzzz aka Fuzz Irdak on his Birthday!

Beginning & Ending with a New Moon intention setting Crystal Singing Bowl Soundbath with Jesse Buck.

Theme - "Unity Celebration"
Dress suggestion - "White & Purple"

What to expect...

- FREE Cacao Elixir or Kombucha
- Full Elixer Bar / Vegan Snacks
- 3 hr DJ set with DJ Fuzzz
- Live art
- Vendors
- Face painting

- Live Spirit Readings & Psychic Medical Intuitive Scans by Daniela
- Crystal therapy with Kevin Back
- Energy Healing
- Oracle Reading
- Massage Therapy
- Crystal Bowl and Gong Soundbath by Jesse Buck

*Green Friendly*

>>>> Schedule ::

-- 7:30 - Doors open
-- 8:00 - Opening Circle & Cacao Blessing
-- 8:30 - 3 hr Live DJ set
-- 11:30 - Closing Crystal Bowl Soundbath / OM Circle
-- 12:30 - Event Concludes

Chocolate Groove - Dance Celebrations is a Weekly Social, Dance Celebration featuring Toronto’s best DJ’s in one of the most Visionary Alternative venues in Canada!

We strive to foster a safe family friendly space, open for all people to come together, have fun and Celebrate Life. This is an environment conducive to meaningful Transformation and Authentic Connection! 

As an alternative to alcohol culture, we include, a FREE elevating and heart opening “Cacao Elixir” AKA. “The soul of Chocolate”, or If you don’t want the Cacao, you can enjoy a Live on tap Kombucha on tap upon entry! The beautiful multi-leveled Aternity venue has a very diverse holistic Elixir Bar with over 7 different Elixirs available, Vegan treats, Nourishing food and Kombucha on tap!

Soul Movement New Year's Eve 2019 Masquerade Party

Daniela will be offering

Live Spirit Readings & Psychic Medical Intuitive Scans

from 7:00 pm to 11:45 pm



This New Years Eve, you are invited to a night of epic CELEBRATION, ceremony and cosmic dance!! Reconnect with the potent vortex that New Year's Eve is, as we create individual and collective intentions for the year(s) ahead. We will weave a connection with the heavens to set forth in action what we wish to manifest, and in doing so collectively we will magnify our power through the hive collective. 

Dress Code (Masquerade):
Ladies - Semi-formal Red
Gentlemen - Semi-Formal Black 

As you arrive our team of healers will clear your aura with sacred Sage and Palo Santo. There will be an option to connect with other like-minded individuals and make new friends as we guide you through a simple and playful networking game (optional) while a DELICIOUS Hot Vegetarian dinner is served!! We love to create the space for magical connections that result in romances, career partnerships, and meaningful friendships ♥

We will dance the night away as Soul Movement's epic DJ's take us into a musical journey of blissful euphoria! And in true Soul Movement tradition, the music will go off just before midnight as we approach the potent moment of crossing, thereby ringing in 2019 in utter bliss & inner silence accompanied by the soothing tones of Crystal Bowls and angelic vocals.

"Ringing in midnight in complete silence and blissful inner stillness at the last Soul Movement New Year celebration did wonders for the rest of my year; I experienced a sense of deep clarity, abundance, and joy that I truly believe I manifested by making the simple decision of being in a positive and uplifting space while passing through the powerful vortex of New Year's Eve".

Soul Movement guarantees a safe space to dance and play in a completely SOBER environment. A healing sanctuary will be available throughout the night to indulge in a Reiki, Thai Massage, Energy Healing treatment, or get an intuitive reading done. 

The Journey:
7:30 pm - Arrive, Meet n Mingle, Dinner is Served
8:15 pm - Opening and NYE Abundance & Manifestation Ceremony
9 pm - Soul Movement DJ's take us on a euphoric journey with Shamanic Deep House and New Age beats
11:45 pm - Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
12:15 - Closing Circle

TICKETS: (Include Gluten Free/Vegan hot dinner and an organic side salad):
- $50 EARLY BIRD ($180 for a group of 4) - (Limited Quantity)
- $60 REGULAR ($220 for a group of 4) 
- $80 DOOR
(E-transfer options available for groups of 4 or more. Email us with your inquiry at

*** 25 tickets that have been reserved for those with financial constraints. Email us at and tell us a little bit about yourself and we will gladly offer you a reduced entry ♥ No one will be turned away for a lack of finances ***

With every ticket purchased, Soul Movement donates 20% of the profits towards helping those in need around our beautiful planet. We are beyond excited and grateful to announce that we will soon be starting construction of the "Soul Movement Technical Training Academy" in Uganda. This institution will be providing all children who drop out of school for various reasons, including extreme poverty, a 3-Year Program focused on alternative trades such as Carpentry, Sewing, Cooking, Knitting etc to be empowered to support themselves and their families through skilled trades.

Through our community's contributions in the past, we have built a freshwater well and water reservoir for the Butebi Village in Uganda, provided comfortable bedding & mosquito nets for the elderly and helped purchase school supplies for children of impoverished families. 

When like-minded powerful souls come together, the creative possibilities are infinite and together we create magic every time.

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