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live channeled messages ~ 30 minutes

live channeled messages ~ 30 minutes

In a session of Live Channeled Messages, I serve as a channel and conduit of a Spirit Guide (such as a buddha, bodhisattva, or saint) to deliver a message directly to you. My mind / consciousness does not interpret or contribute to this message; it is a pure message from a Divine being living in a higher dimensional field (usually ranging from 4th to 6th dimension, or occasionally from beyond). 


Live Channeled Messages can be scheduled as a stand-alone session or can be added to a Live Medical & Energy Intuitive Scan & Spirit Reading or Live Akashic Records Reading.

30-minute session $120 CAD


Note: Live Channeled Messages do not replace the diagnoses, treatments, or prescriptions recommended by a Medical Doctor. Only a Medical Doctor can diagnose disease. Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing a medical emergency and/or suffer from acute or chronic medical conditions. This session complements the professional medical care provided by physicians and/or other health practitioners.

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