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Daniela A. Rambaldini, MSc, RHN 

(Master of Science Degree & Registered Holistic Nutritionist)


medical & energy intuition


insight from Spirit &

energy medicine

Do you have questions and are unsure

about which type of session to schedule?


Book a 30 minute Live Reading that can

immediately answer your most urgent questions,

give you fast, deep insights

and reveal a lot more than you may realize!

I will psychically scan and read your energy field, channel messages from Spirit, and provide guidance for how to apply these insights to yourself and your life. Sessio...
Live Reading ~ 30 minutes
30 min

given that many people's lives and lifestyle
may not be stabilizing, let alone prospering,
over the next couple of months 
i've decided to offer reduced rates to support
everyone's process

until June 30th, 2020
session exchange* will be:

$50 per 30 minute Live Intuitive Spirit Reading
$90 per 60 minute Live Intuitive Spirit Reading

at check out apply:

INTHISTOGETHER30 coupon code for 30 minute session


NTHISTOGETHER60 coupon code for 60 minute session


Learn more or email to schedule a session.

Experience an Energetic Transmission

for harmonizing your energy and rejuvenating your entire Self.

Meet Me at local upcoming events ... check my events calendar here.

2020-02-28 emse events homepage.jpg

By booking a session with Daniela, 

you are indicating that you have

read and agree to all terms outlined in the:


Terms & Conditions of Use

Payment Policy

Privacy Policy

and that you are aware of:

How To Prepare for A Session

How To Best Receive During A Session

Session Recordings Policy

What To Do After A Session


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