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energetic transmissions

Learn more about Energetic Transmissions here

Energetic Transmissions will be offered in 2 formats:

1. Group Sessions

Energetic Transmissions will be offered every day at some point between 3:00 am and 7:00 am Eastern North American time.


You can receive the transmission while you are going about your day or night naturally. There is nothing specific you need to do to receive the transmission. You are giving your permission and stating your intention to spiritually receive the transmission by committing to the service and paying the honour fee. 

You may wish to affirm your intention by stating silently or aloud a statement such as "I willfully receive the Energetic Transmission that will be transmitted tonight / today from Daniela and Spirit Team. Dear my Higher Self, please receive this energetic transmission and integrate its frequencies at all levels of my field. Thank you."

Group Session

1 transmission for 1 request

$20.00 CAD

1 transmission for 2 requests

$30.00 CAD

3 transmissions over 3 days for 1 request

$40.00 CAD

7 transmissions over 7 days for 1 request

$100.00 CAD


2. Individual Sessions


Every Sunday, opportunities for receiving a personal session will be available from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm Eastern North American time. These sessions will be scheduled manually through email. Once you've submitted an online request form (below) and your payment, you'll receive a follow up email to book your session.  

Individual Session

:: 30 minutes ::

$120.00 CAD


Please submit a separate form for each person and each session requested.


Please submit payment through PayPal or via e-transfer from a

Canadian bank to answers { a t } energeticsofconsciousness [ d o t } com

Learn more about Energetic Transmissions.

Also see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.


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