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Homeopathic Remedy ~ UNDA

Homeopathic Remedy ~ UNDA

UNDA Numbered Compound Homeopathic Remedy (20 mL bottle) selected specifically for your needs. UNDA Numbered Compounds are proprietary homeopathic remedies formulated by 3 physicians in the 1920s. These formulas are designed to support cellular metabolism, detoxification, drainage, and overall rejuvenation.


A natural consequence of using homeopathic remedies, and the UNDA Numbered Compounds in particular, is clarity of perception, alleviation of harboured emotions, resolution of karma, and deepened self awareness.


If a homeopathic remedy is suitable for you, Daniela will recommend it after you've received a Medical and Energy Intuitive Psychic Scan and Reading (viz. a Live Reading or In Depth Reading). 


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  • Return Policy

    This product is conditionally refundable. Adverse effects are rare. However, if you do experience any undesirable effects, please contact us immediately. 

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