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Herbal Formula ~ Tincture (500 mL)

Herbal Formula ~ Tincture (500 mL)

Personalized Herbal Remedy (Alcoholic Tincture, 500 mL bottle) formulated specifically for your needs. This remedy will be formulated by Daniela and prepared by a licensed third party herbal dispensary. Herbal tinctures support your holistic health, alleviate any symptoms you may be experiencing, and fortify your system overall.


If an herbal remedy is suitable for you, Daniela will recommend it after you've received a Medical and Energy Intuitive Psychic Scan and Reading (viz. a Live Reading or In Depth Reading). 


Tincture is sold by volume. A 500 mL size bottle will provide a 67- to 100-day supply, depending on how consistent you are with taking the recommended daily doses.


SHIPPING charges are extra.

  • Return Policy

    This product is conditionally refundable. Adverse effects are rare. However, if you do experience any undesirable effects, please contact us immediately. 

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