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Daniela Rambaldini

Who I "Am"

Hello! My name is Daniela A. Rambaldini. I founded earth, moon & sun energetics (emse) because I’ve had a life-long passion to help shape this world into a healthy, happy home for all who share it. I believe that when people gain a profound sense of self-awareness, whole body.mind health, and inner serenity, they will embrace life and all of existence with awe, wonder, excitement, respect, compassion, empathy, and deep reverence. I believe this will create a truly beautiful world. 


I aim to do all that I can—one being at a time—to contribute to creating such a world.


Read words of loving gratitude ("testimonials") from clients.



I consider my credentials the consequence of me following my dreams and pursuing my passions.


I have BSc Honours and MSc degrees in Biology with specializations in Zoology, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist diploma, and an Energy Medicine Practitioner certificate. I’m currently completing my diploma as a Medical Herbalist, which will expand on my previous studies in herbal medicine and ethnobotany.


As a wildlife conservation biologist, I researched marine mammals, bats, and turtles for many years. After I began focusing my studies on human health and natural medicine, I interned at the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Integrated and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nanjing, China; I worked as a nutrition researcher for the Healthy Gourmet television show (Oprah Winfrey Network); and I was the substantial editor, sole researcher of scientific literature, and major writing contributor (having written entire chapters) for the award winning best-selling book, Meals That Heal Inflammation (Random House, 2011; Hay House 2012).


Throughout my academic and professional career, I have worked closely with First Nations communities, provincial and federal government, industry, and NGOs including the World Wildlife Fund. I volunteered for the Non-GMO Project (Toronto chapter), I am a member of the Ontario Herbalist Association, and I am a professional member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives.


When counselling clients, I apply everything I’ve learned from many years of study and personal experience, travel across 5 continents, and practice of ancient forms of traditional healing arts.




A Little More About Me


I’m inspired, excited, and grateful to be alive! I have been in awe of, and insatiably curious about, life ever since I was a wee little tot. I've experienced my entire life synaesthetically, empathetically, and intensely.


The Soul aspect I "am" has spent many lifetimes learning. Hence, in this incarnation I was born a precocious child with skills of clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience, and clairempathy among other “clairs”. I also synaesthetically perceived and manipulated forms of energy that most people don’t easily perceive.


At the age of 3 my kundalini spontaneously awakened and I shifted into an intensely transcendental meditative state. My consciousness exploded into a "remembered" state of enlightenment: I contracted and expanded into the ineffable blissful state of self realization and God realization.


I witnessed 'reality' and the individuation of Source into fractal "Higher Self" projections of consciousness. I remembered "past" lifetimes of my Soul as experienced on Earth as well as other cosmic dimensions and I innerstood why my consciousness chose to project into the Earth matrix in this lifetime. I powerfully experienced the Presence of the Creator in its ineffable omnipresence and I profoundly understood existence. I've lived in a state of reverence and deep limitless love ever since.


From the age of 3 until adolescence, I regularly entered transcendental meditative states (referred to in yogic sciences as samadhi) wherein I perceived (and remembered) Universal wisdom and communed with Higher aspects of my Self as well as with non-incarnated Spirits who I felt were wise, guiding, and familiar.

I also witnessed a "dark entity" for the first time when I was 3 years young and this created an interesting dynamic in my human experience as I remained astutely aware of the duality of manifested form. I felt the true nature of "evil"—a forgetting or a painful rejection of God,  of love, and of wholeness. This inspired in me a deep compassion, empathy, and love for All as well as a strong sense of fairness, Divine justice, and forgiveness.


Transcendental experiences have deeply enriched my understanding of Existence, Life on Earth, being Human, and beyond. Through the lens of Superconsciousness, I’ve cultivated a powerful existential perspective; an unshakeable sense of gratitude, awe, and humility; and a profound insight into the realms of the metaphysical.


I’ve been inspired to learn about, respect, and cherish everything and everyone while also questioning and examining All that presented Itself in many forms. This fuelled a burning curiosity and passion for exploring all that Life is. I am a “mystic scientist” at heart (my Soul's nature) and the true inspiration for pursuing science academically began when I was 3 years and intensely focused on innerstanding the mechanisms of existence and of the Soul in human form. 

My ardent passion to embody the Ultimate Truth and to feel the potential of Being human and beyond has shaped and defined every breath and moment of my existence. I share this ardent passion through solidarity to all Beings and by guiding people to achieve great personal health in resonance with the beings and environment that help shape their reality.


You can hear more about my personal journey in this interview.




Come Meet Me!


I love meeting new people, reconnecting with faces I already know & love, and sharing my gifts with communities! Come find me at some of the funnest, most magical, most soothing, and most creative events in Toronto and beyond! Please come say hello or introduce yourself for the first time and see what kind of services I'm offering at each event.


Every Soul I meet is a gorgeous reflection and unique story (facet) of The Creator. I treasure every encounter. I look forward to connecting with you and enjoying the unique beauty of your Spirit! :)



Explore What I Offer or book an appointment.


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