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upcoming live events

live events

coming together in community is a special experience that can be a gift to everyone present .... holding space with each of you in one-to-one sessions is a blessing and now i would love to bring us all together in communal gatherings ...


i am excited to resume offering live events of a variety of kinds ... to honour your needs, interests, and journey, i invite you to inform me of which kind of event(s) you're most in resonance with and which kind of event(s) will benefit you most ...

please view the upcoming offers and then answer a few questions at the bottom of this page ... 

Light and Love from Source (channeling)


join daniela for an evening of connection to receive Light (which is / carries the highest wisdom and the power of creation and transformation and Love (the force of unity and oneness) from Beings who deliver messages of the Source of Creation


the specific topics of wisdom we'll ask Spirit to share and discuss will be selected from your requests and questions


this will be a powerful gathering where the Presence and wisdom of enlightened Beings could foster deep transformation and awakening for you

Universal Meditation community gathering


Universal Meditation is a powerful and unique practice that could transform and activate you at a deep level ...


practicing Universal Meditation in community is even more potent than practicing it alone ...


join daniela, certified Universal Meditation Teacher, in a community gathering to experience this oneness meditation practice that deepens your connection with your soul and with the quantum Oneness Field of Spirit 'and' The Source ...

soul power

what is the soul? what is the power of your soul? and how can you harness your own soul power to heal, transform, elevate, and manifest your life intentionally and lovingly?


soul power is a series of classes & discussions exploring different aspects of life ...


join daniela to delve into deep questions about your soul, your self, your life, and life as a whole ... we'll discuss a variety of topics ranging from the existential to the mystical to the emotional and psychological to the physical (including holistic medicine & biohacking) and the material and beyond ...


these sessions will be interactive, diverse, exploratory, and involve group energetic practices ... let's learn, transform, and live together in community with a focus on being and living in the most fulfilling, healthy, loving, and empowered ways possible ...


every event will close with a general transmission of Source Light to everyone present


in person:

Farmacia Health Bar

2096 queen street east

the beaches, toronto, ontario



zoom meeting


Explore What I Offer or book an appointment.


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live events
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