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where in the world

are daniela's clients?


To give Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings and to impart Energy Medicine to another being, physical contact isn't necessary. These abilities transcend space and time. They operate through the mechanics of telepathy and scalar waves, the intrinsic properties of the Universal Field (Source Oneness Field) as described by theories of quantum physics such as non.local reality, and the infinite continuum of Existence.


The ability to intentionally access, intricately perceive, and preceisely influence and modify "another" energy field (that is, an energy field that is vibrationally distinct from that of the skilled practitioner) have been referred to as siddhis (pronounced SID-ee and loosely translated as human "mystical powers") by ancient enlightened masters of the Vedic tradition. There are numerous types of siddhis and they develop as an individual attains heightened states of self realization and energetic mastery.

I have cultivated numerous siddhis in "previous" lifetimes, was born in this incarnation remembering and retaining these skills, and am continuing to refine and strengthen the siddhis I have attained.


Therefore, you can “physically” exist anywhere in the Universe and I can psychically read and affect your energy field. People from all over the world have experienced sessions with me without having to travel outside of their own home!


Below is a map showing the geographical locations of some of my clients.

If you're interested in experiencing what I offerbook a session online or email me.


If you have any questions, please explore

the Frequently Asked Questions page

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