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Why Ask for Donations?


There are 2 primary reasons:


1. Many people are experiencing severe physical and/or psychological conditions that make it challenging for them to work and/or to pay for the proper self care they need to become healthy and financially independent again. Over the years, I have gifted discounts, allowances, and unpaid support to those who are in extreme situations so that they could receive some level of support and focus on healing rather than feel the added strain of heavy financial burdens. I've recently realized the extent to which this has compromised me, depleted my own resources of energy, time, and money,

2. I devote almost all my resources of money and time outside of client sessions to mastering my craft, expanding my skills, researching to deepen my knowledge, and enhancing all that I can offer to others. 

I keep my prices as low as possible to give others the opportunity to access and receive the guidance that I channel. While the dollar amounts of each session may appear high to some people, there is a great deal of time, energy, commitment, and devotion necessary to live my life and create the energetic inner state and space in ways that honour the clarity, authenticity, and selfless giving required for supporting and guiding others as they need.


While I do all of this with deep love, willingness, gratitude, and selflessness--it is nothing I need or seek "external" acknowledgement or reward for; the act of surrendering and giving myself fully to the Creator is a priceless gift to me and is deeply fulfilling in itself--it at times can compromise my physical and financial "survival". 

How Will Your Donation Be Used?

Your donation will help make possible 

What Inspired Me To Include a Donation Page on My Website?

Asking for donations is a very unusual decision for me. I grew up learning how to create and work diligently for everything I received, experienced, desired, or needed. I have never felt entitled to receive anything and feel blessed and deeply grateful for everything that has been presented, gifted, and bestowed to me.

In the extreme, this perspective that I must do and create everything myself has also thwarted my agency and comfort to ask for support. It also perpetuated the belief that it is always more appropriate to give than to receive. 

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