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the reason i refrained from offering energetic transmissions for the past year+

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In spring 2019, I decided to stop offering Energetic Transmissions because I had been experiencing very

extreme “psychic attacks” that felt relentless.


I will not explain too deeply what I mean by “psychic attack”, as this is a very ambiguous term and a deeply misunderstood concept. 


Suffice to say, that I had reached a point where the methods and tools I was using to protect myself from these negative forces were no longer as effective as I needed.


I felt that offering Energetic Transmissions

at this time was unethical and unsafe for me and for others.


I shut down the online booking for these sessions and offered only a few more sessions under selective circumstances before I desisted from offering these sessions altogether.


Over the past 2 years I’ve invested tremendous amounts of my personal time, energy, and money to not only protect myself and recover from what was happening, but also to learn more deeply about the process.


I’m now consolidating some of what I’ve learned from this experience into teaching materials, e-books, and online courses to share this knowledge with others.


If you’re interested in learning more about this and would like to be part of a group of people who have early access to a beta-version of the materials, please sign up on this webpage.


You will be notified as the programs become available. The beta-versions will be offered at a very reduced price in exchange for receiving your feedback on what I’ve created thus far.


If you feel any extent of compassion for the journey I’ve grown through (and at times very deeply struggled with) and would like to offer support through donations, I would deeply appreciate any gift you could offer. This experience has depleted me in every way imaginable, including financially.


Please know that whatever monetary gift you could offer will be gifted back to you many times over as I eternally remember those who have helped me and I lovingly commit to balance everything I receive with an offering of equal or greater value. 

It isn't easy for me to request support in any way as I've always been intent on taking full responsibility for all my life experiences. Even so, the events of the past couple of years have felt very trying. So I decided to do something different and I opened up to the possibility of receiving support from community.



NOTE: Please respectfully refrain from asking me about my experiences while you are in session with me. I want to avoid sharing parts of my story repeatedly with numerous individuals and, more importantly, I want to respect your time in session with me so I want to avoid taking up your paid session time talking about my journey. Whatever is relevant and appropriate for others to know will be shared in the upcoming e-books and courses I’m in the midst of preparing. 

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