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personal pilgrimage

On November 27th, 2016 I will be embarking on a(nother) personal pilgrimage. Throughout my life, I have created opportunities to pause all commitments and travel inwardly and outwardly with the intention and focus to intensify and clarify my experience, perception, "direction", and state of being.


At times, these pilgrimages were extensive and lasted months; at other times they lasted a few days. With every journey, I intentionally felt into, examined, learned from, honoured, released, and gave thanks for all experiences, relationships, and co-creations. I cleansed my Soul energy field of ancestral karma, personal karma, and cosmic collective karma. I connected within, free from the distractions and illusions that plague the collective matrix.

In this upcoming personal pilgrimage, I once again have the intention and focus to intensify and clarify my Self. However, a distinct difference between this upcoming pilgrimage and those I had embarked on in the past is the tone and intention with which I will set out.

In the past, I often pilgrimaged to cleanse the samskaras of trauma—those experienced by my Soul in this current and "previous"/parallel lifetimes as well as those I took on or became entangled with from a tormented "other". In this pilgrimage I have no traumatic samskaras to resolve. Through various means, I have already cleansed my Soul matrix of these.

This upcoming personal pilgrimage is one I had envisioned for myself from the time I came into my personal awakening at the age of 3 years old. It is profoundly meaningful to me. I am embracing it with no expectations and allowing myself to surrender completely to the process of my reconnection with The Creator, for whom I have lived and served with every breath, every heartbeat, every love, and every vibration of "Self"—manifest and unmanifest.

All that deepens within me will flow forth into you through our sessions together. 

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