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remembering love

a journey of Self loving to become a loving Self to All


it moves us, shakes us, inspires us, enlivens us

and it also has the power to 

humble us into Divine surrender

to dissolve the reality and identity we

once believed to be a reflection of Truth


are you navigating the Seas of Love?

i've experienced the throes of love and

i have learned how to perceive, navigate and arise

crystallized through the initiations of the Soul

as witnessed in relationship to Self and Others

within the Divine Oneness that We Are



What is Love? What is Self Love?

How can you life a life of authentic, unconditional love and joyful fulfillment?

Is this even possible and if so, what is the path and process

to experience and embody that level of Bliss?

If you’re ready to restore your sense of fulfilment and joy in life,

to naturally and easefully live each moment fully, and

to embody authentic unconditional love for yourself and others,

then gift your Soul the opportunity to join:


Remembering Love

A Journey of Self Loving to Become a Loving Self to All



In this 10-week program, we’re going to dive deep and soar high.


We’re going to explore how to love beyond limitation.

We’re going to access the power of courage to transform false notions of love into the grace of unconditional Divine love.


True unconditional love heals all wounds and dissolves all sorrows.

True unconditional love gifts the grace of freedom, strength,

and joy to you and to others.

True love is fearless, limitless, infinite, and eternal.

Get ready to remember love in a whole new, radical way.

Live Readings


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One coupon per individual.


For more information about Medical & Energy Intuitive Scans & Spirit Readings,

please see the Frequently Asked Questions page

and my blog.

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