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Daniela is a miracle waiting to happen for those who choose to work with her and follow through on her advice. Non-abstract and concise, Daniela is able to construct a unique, personal prescription that doesn't scrimp on the honesty. If one wants to be healthy one must work to reach and then maintain states of balance. Most of us need to make major shifts in our lifestyle to reach optimum health and I am no exception. 


Daniela is hugely knowledgeable in plant species and their functions within the bodily anatomy as well as a large variety of spiritual practices, many developed in conjunction with Spirit making her offerings unique and extremely powerful. Daniela’s spirit readings are an eloquent marriage of science and spirit. Using her skill set she outlines and illuminates the path towards physical, emotional and spiritual balance. 


Daniela is a joyful and loving being. She has respect for herself, her work and her clients. The space she holds is clear and extremely conscious, creating an atmosphere of compassionate detachment. Her heart is invested in her work and it shows in the way she holds herself, in the way she relays information obtained from spirit realms and in the way she organizes payment. 


Daniela really marked a turning point in my life and assisted in facilitating the change from coasting to actually acting upon what I was capable of. Her entrance into my life activated hidden skills and talents within me, her energy showed me new horizons and how to bring together scientific and spiritual aspects of healing. Most of all she inspired me to pursue my own path in herbal and energetic medicines. 


A dear friend and most beautiful teammate, Daniela is a privilege to work with and be around. I am so grateful for her entrance into this planet and hope that her dedication to the upliftment of humanity and the earth does not go unnoticed. I'm excited to see what Daniela’s practice grows into. 


May you prosper and continue to grow and become all you have never imagined you could possibly be. Gracious love and thanks.


~ Saeng-Fah G.
Songwriter / Musician, Artist, Herbalist

Bali, Indonesia

The insights were spot on! Daniela summarized me perfectly! I enjoyed her style and demeanour very much. She’s extremely easy to connect with and has a calming and gentle spirit. You get a sense that she genuinely cares about you. Daniela’s insights helped me to understand areas where I need to focus. I’ve been stuck lately in a place of disharmony, Daniela helped me to understand why. I look forward to my follow up appointment, and also to the recommendations that she has for me, so that I can get to a place of balance, and harmony.


~ H. Groomes

Charlotte, North Carolina

I feel phenomenal. Really light!!! Also, I feel more [energetically] sensitive. I have never had so much activity go on like that before. My body was integrating and shifting all night. I love you so grateful <3 Thank you for being such an amazing reflection. Your surgical precision is unmatched. <3 I feel the alterations. My hands feel super charged.

~ D'Oyen Fraser

Biomolecular / Subatomic Engineer

Gainesville, Virginia

Audio Testimonials

from clients following an

Energy Clearing and Rejuvenation Session

Patricia R (Nelson, BC) - Testimonial ~ breathing
00:00 / 00:00

The follow up session had a great impact on me, I feel much more me now, happier with who I am... Thank you so much for your guidance! I feel so blessed of having found you :)

I think after you helped me breathing deeply, I developed a neuropath, still not paved, but the path is there. If I want to breathe deeply, I just need to remember when you did it with me and I start breathing with the same rhythm... It is quite nice, relaxing and easy, it helps me a lot since it is hard for me to breathe deeply.

With love & gratitude.

~ Patricia R.

Nelson, British Columbia

Mo (Toronto, ON) - Testimonial ~ fear, amygdala
00:00 / 00:00

Hi Daniela, 


I just wanted to thank you so much for all the energy clearing work you've done for me this year and last. Although I think I only have the recording from one of our sessions the advice that you gave me constantly rings in my ears still from time to time. I have completely changed my habits, cut down on drinking, stopped smoking and stopped smoking marijuana. I have gone from a regular North American-type diet, to more plant based and started using all kinds of supplements. Even subtle things you said to me here and there such as "what brand are your vitamins" led me to ponder and research why you were asking me that. That is just one example of so many! The expansion of my consciousness because of certain comments you made surpasses literally anyone I have ever spoken to in my life! I have also started meditating as much as possible. I keep saying that it felt like 2016 was the year of exposure to the truth or an awakening within myself. 

You are truly so gifted and wise and I valued all of our sessions so much!


Thank you again. Words cannot even properly express how impactful you have been on my life :)


~ Sasha C.

Toronto, Ontario

I wanted to just give you an update on how I am doing. After the second energy clearing I couldn't recognize the difference right away. It actually took longer than noticing the changes after the first energy clearing (which was instant). But I can clearly see the difference in me now with time. The way I react and the way I am seeing things more calmly and clearly. I know you said you worked on my mind so I think this what you meant :) Also I have no more pain in the chest or throat :)

When I did my practice [ sadhana ] :) I felt a huge difference in the way I channel the energy :) It feels really good. I'm not spinning too much and I'm able to shift the energy through me easier :) :) I am also experiencing so much more than I was before. It's like a wave--I think similar to the way you did my last energy clearing. Thank you soooo much for that :) I also am able to feel the energies a bit more and I'm more empathic. Within myself I can feel the emotions of other people and feel that it's not me, it's them. :) It feels different. Before I couldn't think beyond myself and now I am able to understand and feel things with clarity.

I'm just trying to do my meditation everyday or as much as I can. I can see the calmness and clarity it is bringing into me. Thank you soooo much for being who you are and sharing your gift with us :) 


~ Dharshana

Vancouver, British Columbia

Hi Daniela,

It was a pleasure meeting you.  You are a very fun and free spirit with massive amounts of talents and knowledge to share; and very dedicated to your work. It will be very easy to recommend your services to friends and family. ;)


The spirit reading is still having impacts. It really put things into perspective, reinforced some previous lessons and inspired me. That was my first live experience of channeling and I have to say it was intense but not close to being overwhelming.  

I look forward to seeing you in the future for workshops and treatments.  


You are a beautiful person with an amazing glow!


~ Matthew Saleh

Toronto, Ontario

Morning Daniela!


Lovely to meet you last night. It was as if you were holding a mirror in front of me and saying "that's YOU"... you're doing OK actually.


Subtly switching all my negative feelings/beliefs into positive statements was wonderful. I'm looking forward to receiving the recording, making notes and moving into a place of higher vibration.


It's as if we already know the truth, deep down, (in some murky depths) but having someone else shine a light on them, suddenly they're revealed. Thanks for your help.


~ Jules


United Kingdom

My experience with Daniela was nothing short of amazing. As a healer and channeler myself, I had the chance to experience and work with many other energy practitioners and I can say she is one of the best out there. 


I was first impressed with the accuracy and detail of her intuitive reading on my friend and I wanted to meet this person altogether. After a few meetings with her, for both readings and remote energy medicine, I can tell that her service is worth every penny.


Thank you so much for your help and your beautiful presence.


~ Karine P. LeBlanc

Gatineau, Quebec

When we had our first official meeting, I was able to sense the intense fire in your eyes and at the same time the coolness of it, which makes anybody appreciate what you do. It's a strange combination. And it's working miraculously for you now.


Before I met you and before the consecration, I stood like a rock. Not letting anybody touch me. Within me I felt the whole world was mostly fools, to an extent that many weeks simply passed by without me talking to anybody.


Now I'm smiling to a stranger, greeting him, helping him out :) including them within me. It's strange, has no logical meaning :) but it is really beautiful :)


For this to happen you and Sadhguru and the consecration had contributed a great deal. I don't know what you did but my life has never remained the same after I walked out of your office that day. :)


Also in little ways, I know your capabilities. Very few people are capable in the social world with such abilities. In India it's called parakaya pravesha. And those few are generally closed to public. But you are still hanging out with people, how cool is that. :)

I hope a lot many people understand the immensity of what your capabilities are and benefit from it. :)


All I could say is I'm grateful to you.


~ Selva

Toronto, Ontario

So glad I followed
My intuition:
Working with you
Was the best decision.
    * * * * * * *

To make needed changes,
At last I was ready;
To help in lots of ways
You were there, prepared early.
    * * * * * * *

Dearest Daniela,
O sweetest sister,
Helping so much in my journey
To becoming healthy
In spirit and body;
You embody.
    * * * * * * *

Though the inner work
May have been intense,
The gains and rewards
Truly are vast, immense.
    * * * * * * *

So very much
I have learned from you;
Forever grateful
I remain to you
    * * * * * * *

To you forever
My heart is all gratitude;
How much you’ve helped
My life gain in altitude.
    * * * * * * *

Perhaps it was Destiny
That guided me to your divinity;
For all you’ve done to help me
I remain grateful for Eternity.
    * * * * * * *

Divinely-inspired Wisdom
Beyond your earthly years,
Helping this aspiring soul
Overcome earth-taught fears.
    * * * * * * *

On earth, seen rarely:
A mind of clarity,
A heart of purity,
Together serving Divinity.
    * * * * * * *

To the Source, direct and strong
Is your connection;
A list, varied and long
Of ways you give inspiration.
    * * * * * * *

Many a divine quality
You embody:
Kindness, softness, sweetness,
Joyfulness, playfulness;
From the Heart of Infinity,
Your soul shines for Eternity.
    * * * * * * *

Under your guidance,
With your assistance:
Vision has been expanding,
Joy has been increasing,
Life-flower is blossoming,
All has been improving.
    * * * * * * *

Expressing Gratitude
Through my tears of gratitude;
Feeling my heart’s expansion
Fueled by your Compassion.
    * * * * * * *


~ P. G.

Melbourne, Australia

Daniela: I'm really benefiting from your presence and wisdom and feel enlightened every time we meet. Your mantra idea has worked wonders and has allowed me to shine the entities away or at least keep them at bay. My anxiety has also subsided to a lower level although, still need to work on this, but I just wanted to let you know that you rule!


~ Mike T.

GIS Specialist

Toronto, Ontario

You have helped me turn towards a brighter, healthier, more useful direction, and I am grateful :)


~ Shannon M.

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you Daniela!! You were so kind to spend as much time as you did with me, I appreciate your thoroughness!!  You provided so much wonderful insight ... I can’t wait to get started :)


~ Jessica S.

Los Angeles, California

Perhaps your time given was unconventional in comparison to past cases, or maybe not, but it really tailored to my nature. There's a lot to be grateful for when two women spare a couple of hours to become hyper-aware in efforts to heal.


I took much insight from you. Thanks for your time and presence, and most of all, for recognizing me.


~ Milena H.

Toronto, Ontario

Daniela: Thank you SO very much for your reading. Much Love and Gratitude for the beautiful gift you share with humanity. I'm so grateful to have met you. 

Blessings of Love and Light, 

~ Maida

Toronto, Ontario



It was so lovely meeting you and such an amazing session! I really learned a tonne about myself and will definitely be back to see you again.


I will followed the instructions/suggestions (already bought the vitamins!) that you have suggested. 


Thank you again for such an incredible experience!


~ C. G.

Teacher & Musician

Toronto, Ontario

Again, Thank you so much for all your help. I feel I am blessed to meet you in this life time. I feel energetic, positive and started to look at life with openness. Intellectually I strongly believe we all are connected to each other. I am striving to experience as well. I wish this can happen to me before this life time is over. I just want to live this life to my maximum.


~ Shamini

Hi Daniela,


Thanks for the [session sound] file. I have downloaded it and will refer to it as needed. Having access to it will certainly be beneficial down the road. Whatever is happening within me at this stage of my life, I am pleasantly surprised by it because I never felt confused about myself (I always felt, I know myself). I am open to this process of dissolving “I” that I have been identifying myself with. I am always hard on myself so it will be interesting to see how I won’t judge myself.


Thanks for showing me the different perspectives during our discussion. I feel blessed that I came across you on my journey.


Thanks for making yourself available for transforming other lives.


~ Goldy Singh

VP, Profound Medical Corp.

Oakville, Ontario

Hi Daniela,


It's been about a month now since our session and I feel like it's been filled with a life time of lessons. Our session didn’t really hit home till I listened to it a few times, needlessly to say you helped me see things I wasn’t able to see in myself and I have to say thank you so much for that. 


~ Ahren

Hi Daniela, 


The recording of your sessions are so helpful! My back pain was gone for two days and then moved to below my neck and now it's gone. Whatever you did seemed to have worked! Thank you!!!!! 


~ S. C.

Toronto, Ontario

The energy healing has helped, I have had very vivid dreams with my family in it. Very odd dreams about helping people physically like using energy to heal them. I think the clearing helped me become more energized and I feel like when I ask for help to clear my chakras it feels like the energy flows better. Thank you again.


~ A. R.

Pierre, South Dakota

Hi Daniela,

It was a nice experience yesterday and it kind of felt like the scene from Lord of the Rings when Frodo met Galadriel. :) Thanks.


~ Michael H.

Toronto, Ontario

Thank you so much for the reading and the extra time. It was all well worth it. It helped to breathe life back into me which I definitely appreciate! You have an incredible gift! Thanks!!


~ Becky

Masssage Therapist

Spokane, Washington State

Hi Daniela, 

I just wanted to let you know that I have been feeling amazing ever since our last session... starting the day of the energy clearing, I went out into the world feeling so much calmer, more present, grounded, clear, myself, and with my heart wide open. The first few days after our session especially. This work has really helped me in my effort to be present in my body. It has been such a great compliment to my regular therapy and to my meditation practice. Thank you so much for the clarity our work together is bringing me. 


The past week I have been "being"... much more so than doing. It feels so wonderful and nourishing, and without even thinking about it consciously, I have been keeping my adrenaline down. I have found it really beneficial to get your feedback when I ask questions.  


Sending a heartfelt thank you and be well,


~ Hallie S.

Mill Valley, California

Client emails following the first experience of an Energy Clearing & Rejuvenation session:

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