When I was 3 years old (just a few months shy of turning 4), I spontaneously experienced a powerful transcendental meditative state, known as samadhi. While in this state, I perceived (and remembered) Universal wisdom and communed with Higher aspects of my Self as well as with non-incarnated Spirits who I felt were wise, guiding, and familiar.


I continued to experience moments of samadhi throughout my childhood and transcendental experiences have deeply enriched my life as well as my understanding of Existence, Life on Earth, being Human, and beyond.


On this page, I will share some of what I have learned through the lens of Superconsciousness. You can also explore my blog for deeper insights.

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Professional Member of the International Association of Medical Intuitives (IAMI)

Member of the Ontario Herbalist Association (OHA)

Khamsa Buddha: Artist unknown